Yodio is a site that lets you put your photos and your voice together into a slideshow. You use a phone to call in and record you narration for the photos. There are stock images and sounds that you can use in your project as well.

Signing Up
Go to www.yodio.com and click on sign up and provide your information. You will get a confirmation email that you need to use to activate your account.

You will be asked to register a phone number you will call in from. When you call in from that number the Yodio system recognizes the number and will greet you. This also allows the audio you record to be send directly to your yodio page to be used in your projects.

Yodio Directions.pdf

  • Reports across the different subject areas
  • Book reports
  • Interview a classmate and present
  • Introduce themselves
  • Storytelling/Digital Storybook
  • Direction giving
  • Narrate a nature hike
  • Gather photos and narrate a geometry tour
  • Biography projects