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This is a free and quick immediate feedback tool you can use with students. This tool can be used with any device that has a web browser. (desktop computer, netbook, laptop, iPod, iPad or smartphone)

Signing Up
To sign up go to Socrative and click on Sign Up in the top right hand corner. To sign up, a teacher must provide their email, password, name, role at school, what they teach and where they teach. You are given a classroom number that your students will need to type in on their student screen to access your questions. (This number never changes.) A teacher can have 50 students in their classroom at one time.

To use teachers go to t.socrative.com
Direct your students to m.socrative.com

Once you log in on the teacher page and students have entered your classroom number on their student page you can begin. Teachers will see a dashboard like below. From the dashboard they can choose the type of question or quiz they want to send to the students.
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Students wait until the teacher selects the type of question and then it will appear on their screens.

Different questions allow for different options. See below...
  • Multiple Choice - A-E
  • True/False - T/F
  • Short Answer - text box, can vote on answers after 2 or more are submitted
  • Quiz - can use a pre-created saved quiz (can share quizzes among teachers)
    • students enter their name
    • at the end teacher can email or download a report
  • Exit Ticket
    • students enter their name
    • combination of quick answer and fill in the text box to assess knowledge gained
    • at the end teacher can email or download a report