Fotobabble lets you post a picture and then record 60 seconds of audio (you talking) to go along with the picture.

Signing Up:
Go to Fotobabbleand click on Sign Up in the top right corner. You need to provide a username, a password and your email.

After you login, click the red Create New button.
Step 1: Upload the picture you want to record your voice with. Select the picture and then click Create to upload it.
Step 2: Click Allow in the Adobe Flash Player Setting box that pops up.
Step 3: Title your Fotobabble.
Step 4: Choose a theme (the design of the frame of the picture you uploaded) and scroll down below the themes to press the Save button.
Step 5: Now you are ready to record your audio. Click the Record button to start. Press Stop to end the recording. Press Play to preview what you recorded. If you like it scroll down and press the Save button again.
Step 6: To share your Fotobabble, on the right side of the screen you will see the URL to share for your Fotobabble. If you want to embed your Fotobabble into a website, blog or wiki, you can get the embed code there too.

  • Home- made greeting cards
  • Talking postcards from travels
  • Review products, songs, movies, TV shows
  • Citizen journalism: Reporting from the scene of something newsworthy
  • Provide commentary on a photo
  • Promote a brand, products or services
  • Create contests
  • Virtual Museum
  • Narrate the story behind a photo
  • Add visual elements to your poetry or music