Create a profile that looks like Facebook for a famous person. Include events, dates and friends into the profile to make it seem real. Add biographical information such as birthday, spouse, job, children, hometown and other facts about your famous person.

No log in needed! Just need to assign a password to save your profile.

Click on this HEREto view a 90 second introduction about Fakebook.

Signing Up
No sign up needed. Just go to Fakebookand start creating. When you are ready to save it, you just have to assign a password to your fakebook profile.

Begin with Click Here to Enter Name.
From there you can click the Edit Profile button to add biographical information about your person.
Click Add behind Friends to add friends.
Click Add Post and fill in the information the the area that appears.
To save your Fakebook profile, click Save in the yellow tool bar on the right. At the top of the screen you will be asked to give a password you will use to get to your profile again. You need to have friends, posts and profile information to be able to save your Fakebook profile.

To share these profiles, they can be printed, emailed, embed it into a blog, website or wikispace or downloaded.

  • chart the plot of a book
  • character development
  • series of historical events
  • a famous person in history