A Voki uses voice to share information. This tool can be used as an assessment on how students can verbally present information. You can record voice for 90 seconds using a phone to call in.

This is a sample voki biography project.

Signing Up
Click on the link below to sign up for Voki for Education.
Click on Register in the top right corner and fill in the information they ask for. An activiation email will be sent to the email address you provide.

How to create a voki: voki_screenshot_directions.pdf

How to embed a voki: How to Embed a Voki.pdf

Ways to use a Voki in your classroom:
  • give instructions to students
  • students can introduce themselves
  • students introduce a famous person
  • students practice a foreign language
  • voki speaks in a foreign language and students answer
  • students present in a foreign language
  • presenting projects (poems or songs)
  • use an avatar to tell about a book